Our Mission

EMBER is a Hong Kong student-led girls empowerment initiative. We seek to connect talents and resources from Hong Kong to create education opportunities for underprivileged girls from low-income families in rural Guangdong, China. We believe that through sponsoring one girl and giving her the resources to succeed, we can not only change her life, but also impact the lives of her family and the larger community around her. In addition to providing financial support in the form of high school and university scholarships, we offer leadership and service learning programs, mentorship, and career counseling. By connecting Hong Kong youths with their Chinese counterparts, we also strive to foster cross-cultural exchange, mutual understanding and cultivate socially responsible citizens on both ends.

Specifically, we aim to:

EMPOWER youth, especially females, through education, leadership training and service learning
MENTOR and guide students through their journey of self-discovery, personal and professional development
BRIDGE cultural gaps and foster global understanding
ENLIGHTEN our members on the value of service
RECIPROCATE acts of love & kindness and give back to the community and generations to come.

Together, we hope to be the EMBER that kindles the hopes and dreams of the lives we touch.