English & Leadership Camps

Our annual English & Leadership camp, run entirely by student volunteers from Hong Kong, US and UK, attempts to develop the scholarship recipients’ skills sets and broaden their social exposure through interactive activities and community outreach excursions. Our aim is to empower the girls so that they can see themselves as individuals engaged in the community rather than mere passive recipients of our charity.

Reflection by Douglas Chan, 2012 Summer Camp Volunteer — An Excerpt: 
We played a game of writing down the ten most important things in our lives, and we had to give them up one by one. At the end you are left with one most important thing to your life. You get struck so hard, and feel somewhat ashamed, when the ten most important things for some of the girls included ‘travel out of Deqing’, ‘books’, ‘going to school’ and ‘trying new things for the first time’. They would sacrifice all that, which they never had or maybe holds them very dear, to preserve ‘friendship’, ‘family’, ‘mother’. You witness kids in its purest and most innocent forms.

They didn’t want to become somebody, they just wanted to work hard, go to school, be an English teacher or translator, and repay their parents who have burnt out their lives for them. That’s it.

Their English is good, somewhat unexpectedly as all they do is recite 2000 vocabularies and do comphrehension excercises to ‘find out the mistakes’ rather than writing something to express their feelings. We did drama and they loved having the chance to finally saying something in English. To them school is their sancturary, their gateway to a better place. They believe knowledge can make a difference, and now I’ve seen it. I believe it does.