Scholarship Programs

EMBER provides scholarships to girls from rural Guangdong, whose annual family income generally fall between $1000-5000 HKD. Without EMBER’s support, these girls are unable to afford to attend high school or university. Their options are limited to working in a factory or a restaurant, or staying at home to farm. EMBER works with the best high schools in different districts in Guangdong. Once selected into our program, the girls are provided full scholarships for the entire 3 years of high school. Our university scholarships cover tuition and board for the first year, but are adjusted in subsequent years to encourage girls to apply for government grants and loans.

To date, EMBER has raised over $3 million HKD and supported over 700 girls to go to high school and university.

In 2012, EMBER’s 1st class of university scholarship recipients graduated. The 6 girls, whom we have supported since 2006 when they first started high school, have all successfully completed their university degrees and are currently employed. 5 of them are working as teachers at various schools in Guangdong, and 1 of them is employed by the research department of an electronics company.

In 2009, we have extended to provide university scholarships for students to further their education, many of them are currently working as teachers or other professional fields. In 2014, EMBER has developed an internship program in replacement of the university scholarship to better fit and meet the needs of the students.