A True Story


Inline image 1During an English & Leadership program we organized for the scholarship girls, we discovered to our surprise that they were more than ready to talk, without reservation, about their turbulent lives – about their passions, hopes, and dreams, aspects of which the mere application of language on paper can never fully give justice to.

Nevertheless, here is one of the many translated true stories from the girls’ heart:

I’m a girl from a family of six people. Because we are very poor, my parents are unable to pay for my school fee. From the very first day I started school, my father, who was in his mid-thirties, did everything he could to borrow money to pay for my tuition. Every time I see him come home from work, I would see an exhausted man whose life and energy were draining away. My father’s hair gradually turned silver white and his hands became horribly rough. I really could not bear anymore as I saw how much my father was suffering for the sake of his children. I still remember vividly the day when my dad came home and I saw the state he was in; he looked so feeble and old that I couldn’t control my tears.

As the tears blurred my eyes, I silently made a vow and swore: I will work hard to gain more knowledge and help my family.

In order to gain acceptance into the best high school in Deqing, I worked day and night and toiled endlessly in my room. The day finally came when I opened my letter with my high school acceptance notice. I had never been so happy in my life! All the hours spent under the dim light, all the days spent dreaming about getting into this high school have finally paid off. I danced with joy as I told this news to my dad. However, he gave me a look of despair. He helplessly apologized that my brother is already attending high school and he could not afford to pay for my tuition fee. He said that I would have to work outside the village to earn more money for the family. I cried loudly with all my heart and with all my soul. The dream that I worked so hard for all my life had been crushed in a single moment…

It is the CLC scholarship program that gave me my dream and re-illuminated my hope again. I promise myself that I will work very hard to get excellent results so that I can repay my parents for all that they have done too me. I will also repay you for your kind heart and repay my country!

Luo Ying Xing